Dog Hotel & Pansion in Varibobi Athens
Due to Covid-19 the kennel will be open to the public ONLY by telephone appointment


Important notice

Delivery and pick-up times for your dogs Only 09:00-12:00 & 18:00-20:00

If you are late in delivering / picking-up, we will wait for you in the next delivery / pick-up time period

Οur billing policy
  1. On the day you check-in until noon 12:00 noon,the following day, you are billed for a day.
  2. Check out is untill noon 12:00. Check out later than noon is billed as en extra day and can be done between 18:00 pm and 20:00 am untill 12:00 noon of the following day.
  3. Christmas, Easter the minimum charge is 5 days.
  4. From July 20th to August 31th the minimum charge is 7 days.
VAT & Food Attention! Price does not include VAT or food.
What you must do and know before you bring your dog to our dog hotel
  • Your dog has to have had all of the necessary vaccinations, including Kennel Cough
  • 2 days before, give your dog an ampoule Vectra 3D (or something similar)
  • De-worm your dog two days before you bring it to us
  • Provide us with information on your dog’s health (heart problems, allergies, Leishmaniosis, Kala-azar)
  • If your dog is in heat, we cannot accept it especially during the high seasons (Christmas, Easter and from 15th of July to 10th of September and all holidays
Dog Feeding

During the holiday periods as Christmas, Easter and from the 20/7 - 01/9, the feeding of your dog /s will be obligatory by us. Exceptions: The dogs that on the Special Medical diets. The cost of food will be 1€-3€ per day (depending on the dog size and age). During the rest of the year the feeding by us will be amendatory.

In order for us to take the necessary precautionary measures, please tell us
  1. If your dog can jump over our fence (double fencing 1.80-3.00 meters), please check the space where your dog will stay and let us know
  2. If your dog has a skin problem or its paws suffer on the gravel we have in some areas (mainly winter areas, in order to keep them from getting muddy), if its backside or paws are allergic to freshly mowed grass, etc.
  3. In general, please provide us with all the information on your dog so we can take better care of it

Abandonment animals in our facilities beyond two weeks, ie owners refrain from fulfilling their finances against us, their obligations not coming in contact with us, they are considered STRAY.

In the above case we will have to look after any legally manage the animal in cooperation with the authorities or animal welfare organizations, retaining every legal right against abandoned for any additional costs or fees.


The elderly or the infirm dogs, as puppies under 10 months, will accommodate (with extra love and attention from us) but exclusively at your own risk.


If your dog is aggressive towards other dogs or you do not wish to take a reasonable risk with your dog, ask us to keep your dog alone in its space and take it for walks twice a day. In this case, depending on the season (Christmas, Easter and from 15th of July to 10th of September and all holidays) there will be an additional charge of 10€ per day.

Payment method 50% the day of receipt and 50% before delivery

We accept Visa and Master card payments (we do not accept American Express, Diners & Union Pay)

*None dog will be delivered if no prior full payment.