Dog Hotel & Pansion in Varibobi Athens
Due to Covid-19 the kennel will be open to the public ONLY by telephone appointment
Get To Know Us

Meet our team who take great care of your dogs with lots of love, special care and lots of games!


Throughout his life Kostis has had a wide range of interests. He has studied to be a professional air pilot at Oxford University in England and then for the majority of his business life was a CEO and owner of a large international yacht chartering company. Despite his many avenues of interest, his passion has always been dogs; in his own words, “It’s no coincidence that I chose this name for our luxury daily dog resort, I love dogs!”.

In fact, during his time at the yacht chartering company Kostis had 2 large dogs on the sailboat acting as his loyal co-sailors. Needless to say, his boat was quite the sight in every harbor he was docked in. Kostis was inspired to make this company and strived to instead create an utopia for pets free of chains and cramped spaces. Armed with the business acumen and experience he accumulated through his years of work, Kostis ensures “I Love Dogs“ is a properly maintained business that puts an emphasis on pet satisfaction.

General Manager

Irina’s love of animals is matched only by how much they love her in return.

Since a child Irina has been infatuated with pets and her and Costis adopted 14 dogs of their own. Irina graduated from Moscow Gymnastics Academy and specialized in athlete training. She was a member of the Russian national team and during her athletic career earned a collection of metals and victories including junior champion in heptathlon (track and field) and Balkan winner in high jump.

The dedication Irina learned from her time competing in professional level athletics is clearly shown in her work here at ‘I Love Dogs’. As part of her commitment to providing animals with the care they deserve, she has taken courses in dog socialization and positive reinforcement dog training in both Russia.

You can rest assured during your time away that your dog will be treated like, and by, an absolute champion.

Office Manager

Spiros has been with the company since 2012, and the staff and the dogs are inordinately fortunate to have him.

Spiros has spent much of his life studying: he graduated from university with degrees in business management and accounting, has spent time as a medic and has been pursuing courses related to positive-reinforcement dog training and dog health.

Spiros is a phenomenal addition to the “I Love Dogs” family because his extensive knowledge of business functions is evenly matched with his experience in animal well-being.

With Spiros here, you can feel confident that your dog, and your business, are both being tenderly taken care of.

Assistant Manager

Nikos is the youngest to join our work family and is responsible for much of the day to day operations here on site and his in charge of feeding and supervised playing with our beloved guests.

Nikos studied as an airplane attendant and it was through this experience he gained an uncanny ability to far exceed the basic needs of his guests in order to ensure a pleasant experience; his skill for comforting those around him will give your pet a first class stay.

In his free time Nikos is an avid soccer player, and he often brings that athletic energy to work when he plays with the dogs.