Dog Hotel & Pansion in Varibobi Athens
Due to Covid-19 the kennel will be open to the public ONLY by telephone appointment

TV Shows that hosted our Kennel

Pictures can not show you how things really are. Hopefully through the following videos we can help you understand a bit better our kennel, but also our love and passion for our job!

TV Shows that hosted our kennel

I love dogs on TV

Our Kennel featured on the web

I Love Dogs on the Web

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We bet your dog will have a much better time than you!

A unique Kennel that the host don't want to leave!

A hotel for dogs that will make your dogs not want to leave!


We found a heaven for dogs in Athens

Your children and dogs need care and program.

A 5star hotel for your dogs in Athens

People are starting to care more about dogs and so are their hotels!

Why me and my dog choose always «I Love Dogs»

The unique DOG RESORT made for all clients!

Why you should trust your dogs to a legal dog kennel instead of Pet Keepers;

«I LOVE DOGS», a speacial dog kennel